Enjoy kids is a streaming service (online television channel). Enjoy kids offer an extensive range of pure Pakistani programming for kids age (1-17 years old). Enjoykids channel is dedicated to kids, which will feature a learning, fun, informative content for kids to youngsters. Our programs for children and youngsters will not only develop a progressive growth amongst your children, but also teach them a good behaviour and discipline. Making kids learn their national language URDU is our priority as we firmly believe to promote our cultural values as well as our mother tongue. Enjoykids channel is significantly designed for kids and they can watch 24/7 without any break and enjoy with or without parental guidance as it is an entirely educational based, fun, enjoyable and entertaining channel. New shows will be totted up on a weekly basis.

We know our kids don’t have credit cards and at the same time we are concerned about their parents too therefore we have decided to offer simple and easy registration method without any risk and hassle. To become a member you don’t need credit card, home address, mobile number etc. To subscribe “Enjoykids” we just ask for your name, age a and email address nothing else, so enjoy kids.

We know our little viewers loves our programming and they can’t wait hours, days or weeks to watch their favourite programs on satellite tv nor they like breaks during programs. But now on our new online channel "Enjoykids" platform you can watch it as many times as you want, anytime, anywhere and without even a single break.